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Maximize creativity, ideate, write, stay on top of your learning, capture your thoughts, manage your work, collaborate, and organize your life.

Two overlapping tablets on Zyndicate Application. The front one is on Life OS, showing things to do, appointments, notes and shortcuts, on the top is written "Good morning, Hector". The back one is on workspace, displaying a document about machine learning being developed.

Cohesive. Sleek. Organized.

Built upon the principle that one’s life & workflow musn’t be scattered across 15+ apps, but rather in one seamless ecosystem.

  • Built for efficiency

    Built with a design that prioritizes efficiency, a plethora of hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts are available for nearly every action.

  • Unlock your flow state

    Avoid distractions and focus on what really matters with an all-in-one environment designed for productivity and efficiency.

  • Create without limits

    Unlock your creative potential with an ecosystem that has been tailor-made for the streamlined production of anything you do.

  • At your fingertips

    No more switching between tabs and apps to get things done and find what you need to operate in your day-to-day workflow.

  • Tasks, notes, ideas, and more

    The new home for your life & workflow productivity system is here; and it’s all in one place.

  • Seamless Theming

    Choose between light and dark mode and customize your experience on Zyndicate.

Take back control of your
time and headspace.

Focus on what really matters in your life and workflow with Zyndicate's robust and focused ecosystem.

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Obtain a bird's eye view of your life with our expansive and customizable dashboard meticulously designed to act as your life's operating system.