The Method Behind The Platform

Using one's digital tools should be pleasurable and stress-free - not chaotic, overwhelming, and utterly depressing, as current systems have grown to be. For this reason, our entire platform & ecosystem is built around a set of core principles that we believe are the key to a successful and healthy digital workflow & life.

Core Principles


Sometimes, although we have all of the pieces in our system, we lack the space, tools, and system in order to be able to visualize the way our files, projects, tasks, events, ideas, folders, documents, highlights, and much more are related and form a part of your day-to-day life & workflow.

Fundamentally, it must not only be easy to actually perform and execute upon that relation/grouping, but it must also be easy to visualize it (both in it sindividual form & inter-connected) in a space that it engaging, interacting, informative, and relevant to one's need.


Every second, the human brains' 86 billion neurons are constantly firing and relaying information to one another, forming part of a deep, inter-connected web of ideas, knowlege, and signals - why can't our productivity & workflow systems behave the same way? Being able to relate & group our workflow's elements (file,s folders, notes, ideas, atsks, events, highlights, documents, and much more) together in a way that makes it easy to understand how they interact with one another and the underlying reason for their existence/function should be a vital neccessity and a core part of our workflows as productive beings, not a luxury.


It's no secret that humans work better with others than they do alone. It's not so much about the matter of being social creatures, but the fact that for any task (whether setting up a camping tent or planning a marketing sprint), collaboration is an integral part of what allows us to perform at peak levels of productivity, focus, and delivery.

For this reason, it's critical that our day-to-day workflow tools enable for this level of collaboration and group work, no matter the time, place, goal, or task at hand.


Disorganization in one's physical life is a common phenomenon that tends to, at least at some degree, always seek to be resolved and avoided. Why does tihs not apply to our digital lives? Specifically, our workflows should be able to be organized in a way that allows for the efficient, effective, and efficient use of time and effort.

The current landscape of digital tools & workflow systems resembles a disorganized stash of files in an office cabinet more closely than not, leaving us with the effects one would expect from a system like that.


Ideas are the heart of what makes us human; creative processes & all of our work/life elements are fundamentally reliant on the fact that someone, at some point, had an idea for a given thing. This combination of ideas congregates always into something - a business, movement, or perhaps just a simple cable management solution.

The point we're trying to make here is that ideas are everything, and without the proper funnel to get them from our minds into fruition, they often end up being lost between the myriad of other one must oay attention to. For this reason, we believe in a system that optimizes for quickly capturing information, ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and anything on your mind in order to reference and execute upon at a later date.

There are two fundamental components to making this particular pillar possible:

a. Further Reference

Simply getting ideas, thoughts, etc. from your brain into a system is not enough. One must be able to properly reference them in the future in order to actually execute upon them at some point, so maintaining an integrated funnel between one's ideation repository and other workflow elements is crucial to establish a linear relationship of progress on this topic.

b. Execution

Building on the previous point, it is key to be able to quickly & easily reduce the friction between having an idea and actually putting it into fruition in other aspects of your workflow.

In simple terms, what this point is about is the fact that it should be effortless to be able to manipulate, export, expand, and execute upon one's ideas in any workflow & productivity system - promoting interconnectivity and relational processes.


The ability to learn is a fundamental human characteristic that has enabled us to do wonderful tihngs - travel the moon, split the atom, and create computers.

With this principle comes the notion of lifelong learning, a term that has been tossed-around quite a lot in recent years, yet despite its cliche aura holds valuable meaning in today's ever-expanding, ever-more-digital landscape.

It is clear that the ability to learn is a foundational aspect to human civilization. With that being said, why is it that the modern productivity ecosystems of today have become so unreliable and non-prioritizing of the very characteristic that has enabled ust to excel as a species & reach this point in the first place?

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